For all commissioned works: 

50% is collected upfront, and 50% is collected upon completion.

  • Phase one: Client reviews rough sketches until approved.  50% and materials costs are collected.

  • Phase two: Client reviews in-progress work, and submits written notes of suggested changes.  Artist will review and make changes for a second and third round of notes. Changes after the third round of notes will accrue additional fees.

  • Phase three: Portrait is completed, final 50% and sales tax are collected.

Oil portraiture:

  • $6.25/ square inch, plus materials.  Additional $4/square inch per extra figure.

Drawing in Graphite or charcoal on paper:

  • $3/ square inch, plus materials.  Additional $1/square inch per extra figure

Non-figurative commissions in oil:

  • $5/ square inch


Digital Illustration

  • $200 full figure

  • $115 head study

  • $100 general background

  • $125 vehicle or craft

  • $65 per additional created object or “non-character” animal


  • $35/square foot

Baizley Grace final.jpg
Max final.jpg